Topic outline

  • Module 1


    Data Transmission: Communication model Simplex,half duplex and full duplex transmission – Periodic Analog signals: Sine wave, phase, wavelength, time and frequency domain, bandwidth - Digital Signals; Digital data Transmission:- Analog & Digital data, Analog & Digital signals, Analog &Digital transmission – Transmission Impairments: Attenuation, Delay distortion, Noise – Channel capacity: Nyquist Bandwidth, Shannon's Capacity formula.

  • Module 2

    Transmission media - Guided Transmission Media:Twisted pair, Coaxial cable, optical fiber, Wireless Transmission, Terrestrial microwave, Satellite microwave. Wireless Propagation: Ground wave propagation, Sky Wave propagation, LoS Propagation.

  • Module 3

    Signal Encoding techniques - Digital Data Digital Signals: NRZ, Multilevel binary, Biphase – Digital Data Analog Signals : ASK, FSK, PSK - Analog Data Digital Signals: Sampling theorem, PCM, Delta

    Modulation - Analog Data Analog Signals: AM, FM, PM.