Topic outline

  • Module I

    The module has two parts 1. Aggregates Aggregates: Review of types; sampling and testing; effects on properties of concrete, production of artificial aggregates. 2. Cements: Review of types of cements, chemical composition; properties and tests, chemical and physical process of hydration, Blended Cements
    • Module 2

      1. Properties of fresh concrete - basics regarding fresh concrete – mixing, workability, placement, consolidation, and curing, segregation and bleeding 

      2. Chemical Admixtures: types and classification; actions and interactions; usage; effects on properties of concrete

      • Module 3

        Mineral Admixtures: Flyash, ground granulated blast furnace slag, metakaolin, rice-husk ash and silica fume; chemical composition; physical characteristics; effects on properties of concrete; advantages and disadvantages. 

        Proportioning of concrete mixtures: Factors considered in the design of mix . BIS Method, ACI method.

        • Module 4

          Properties of hardened concrete: Strength- compressive tensile and flexure - Elastic properties - Modulus of elasticity - Creepfactors affecting creep, effect of creep 

          shrinkage- factors affecting shrinkage, plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, autogeneous shrinkage, carbonation shrinkage

          • Module 5

            Durability of concrete: Durability concept; factors affecting, reinforcement corrosion; fire resistance; frost damage; sulfate attack; alkali silica reaction; concrete in sea water, statistical quality control, acceptance criteria as per BIS code. 

            Non-destructive testing of concrete: Surface Hardness, Ultrasonic, Penetration resistance, Pull-out test, chemical testing for chloride and carbonation- core cutting - measuring reinforcement cover

            • Module 6

              Special concretes - Lightweight concrete- description of various types -High strength concrete - Self compacting concrete -Roller compacted concrete – Ready mixed concrete – Fibre reinforced concrete - polymer concrete 

              Special processes and technology for particular types of structure - Sprayed concrete; underwater concrete, mass concrete; slip form construction, Prefabrication technology