Topic outline

  • MODULE 1

    INTRODUCTION: Classification of Pollution and Pollutants, – Evolution of EIA (Global and Indian Scenario)- Elements of EIA –– Screening – Scoping - Public Consultation - Environmental Clearance process in India - Key Elements in 2006 EIA(Govt. of India ) Notification.

  • MODULE 2

    AIR POLLUTION: Primary and Secondary Types of Pollutants, sulfur dioxide- nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, WATER POLLUTION: Point and Non-point Source of Pollution, Major Pollutants of Water, Impact of pollutants.

  • MODULE 3

    SOLID WASTE: Classification and sources of Solid Waste, Characteristics, effects, E-waste, Effects of urbanization on land degradation, pesticide pollution, NOISE POLLUTION: Sources of Noise, Effects of Noise, Control measures.

  • MODULE 4

    Impacts of pollutants, types, scale of impact-Global, local pollutants. Climate change, Ozone layer depletion, Deforestation, land degradation, Impact of development on vegetation and wild life.

  • MODULE 5

    Socio-economic impacts - Impact assessment Methodologies, Overlays, Checklist, Matrices, Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree Analysis- Role of an Environmental Engineer- Public Participation.

  • MODULE 6

    Standards for Water, Air and Noise Quality - Environmental Management Plan- EIA- Case studies of EIA.